I always forget how important the empty days are, how important it may be sometimes not to expect to produce anything, even a few lines in a journal. A day when one has not pushed oneself to the limit seems a damaged damaging day, a sinful day. Not so! The most valuable thing one can do for the psyche, occasionally, is to let it rest, wander, live in the changing light of a room.
(May Sarton, 1912 – 1995)
Today is truly summer here. Hot and heavy and let’s just say it, kind of sleepy. A day for just being. The to do list hovers but feels not pressing against the buzz of bees and the need to soak up the change in temperature that signals a shift in outlook, an invitation to see things differently.
Our bodies hold a wisdom that we will never fully comprehend. The way of progress and accomplishment is something else entirely too. So much depending on luck and chance and serendipity. We can never know what is the truly right thing to do right now. Will we be damned if that plan we made does not come to fruition? Unlikely, as we look back on the many plans that have not and struggle to remember the greater number that faded to insignificance as we were presented with the next best path to follow, which we raced down, sure and fast. And here we live.
When we truly admit how little dominion we have over the outcome of this action or that, what then, in this moment do we do now? Are you burning to say something, why not say it? Is there a question you want answered? Ask it.
There is so much we cannot know. Remember the times you wanted something so badly and watched it run away and then you lived on. Remember when the very thing you so desired came and curled itself gently in your lap without your calling it, except in a half-imagined wish.
What if I just whispered a secret desire to a friend and then took a nap and on waking found my life had become everything i dreamed? Certainly there are days when a nap would solve more than one problem and sometimes many.
We are animals with powers beyond our own seeing. If your work seems stymied by a strange and powerful impulse to do nothing, who are you to decide that it means self sabotage or declare that the evil procrastination has descended on you. You with your brain trying to defy the will of a greater force will lose more than once in this life. So much better to allow it and call it nature. Rest while the wave of creation readies itself to crash through you at another time.