My goal is to meet my clients with openness and authenticity. I am looking for genuine connections and love to contemplate answers to the big questions. I have real belief in the infinite creative possibilty of our lives and bring lightness to the process of self improvement, emphasizing one day at a time progress to shape experiences that bring fulfillment and peace in the moments.

I’m originally from Sydney, Australia and also lived in Auckland, New Zealand growing up. My father is a history loving, crossword puzzle completing, ex rugby player who is known for protesting sporting ties with South Africa during the apartheid era. My mother is a party throwing, former Vogue executive golfer with energy for days. I have been influenced by my father’s intellectualism and ethics and my mother’s style and gift for hospitality. 

Other early mentors contributed a keen interest in alternative lifestyles and an obsession with art and interior design.

As a youngster I was encouraged to believe I could do anything, being a top student, but I lacked a strong sense of my own power to accomplish things. It seemed to me that if I could truly know myself and be fully in my body this ambivalence might be resolved and has been behind my lifelong quest for self development.

Taking my first leap toward actualization I moved to New York to attend acting school and work in restaurants at 26, yearning for independence and stimulation. I excelled in my service career, creating a network of relationships that continue to support me personally and professionally and performed in an amateur capacity to much internal satisfaction and regard from my peers. I studied teaching with my alma mater the Atlantic Theater Company, Ayurveda at the Open Center, the Enneagram system of personal development and ultimately personal coaching at NYU as I sought to synthesize my knowledge of what it takes to make a good life and help others to do the same.

I have recently moved away from the city to the Hudson Valley to create greater opportunity to be outside, hiking, skiing and being in nature generally and  I am also involved with a theater group here. My place in the country has enabled me to exercise my passions for interior design and home organization as well as refine my approach to habits and routines that enable the most life satisfaction.

On my journey I always have optimistism close at hand and attempt to hold self judgment at a healthy distance. My recipe for success is equal parts freedom, friendship and determination.

Thank you for your interest thus far. I look forward to the possibility of knowing something about you too.