Program 1 – “Monday” meeting – Take Action

Are you working on something but having trouble seeing progress?

Not sure if you are going in the right direction?

Would you like to finish something so you can move on to the next stage?

Do you wish you had a structure for your creative work week that included a strategy brainstorming session during which you could measure progress and get feedback?

The Monday meeting is on tap, real time, personalized help for getting it done. Whatever IT is for you, a regular commitment to efficient progress will lead to tangible results. I guarantee it. 

Using the latest research on habits, creativity, and goal setting you will take action toward realistic achievable goals that keep you motivated.

Enjoy making progress from one week to the next with accountability and reassessment of priorities.

Feel the non judgemental support of a partner who is rooting for you to succeed.

Avoid willpower fatigue by working smarter not harder.

Is your project big or small? Flexible plans available to fit your needs.

OUTCOME: Getting stuff done, making progress, bragging rights.

Bonus outcomes: Confidence, personal insight, freedom from nagging thoughts of what I “should” be doing, life engagement, peace.

 Take the first step by booking a free consultation.